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 A Fine Filipino Tradition
Half-Open With U-Shape Embroidery

Note: Embroidery design on the actual item delivered may vary from this item displayed in this page. Shipment is after 2 - 3 weeks processing.
Ordering Information

USD $449.99

Arm Hole (*): Circumference around arm hole
Sleeve Long (*): Across the arms
Sleeve Short (*): From shoulder end to the desired length of sleeve
Waistline (*): Measurement around waistline
Wrist Circumference (*): Circumference of the wrist
Shoulder Width (*): Measurement from shoulder end to shoulder end
Chest (*): Circumference around chest
Hips (*): Circumference around hips
Barong Length (*): Desired length of barong taken at the back
Neckline (*): Circumference around neckline
Height (*): Exact height (from top of head to toe)
Half-Open With U-Shape  Embroidery

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